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Diana Turner-Forte

Choreographic Institute of North Carolina

Helping People Become Better Versions of Themselves

We hope to leave a positive mark in the lives of others through an assortment of classes and workshops in Classical Ballet, Contrology, Body-Mind Integration Techniques, and Reiki.

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About Us

Diana Turner-Forte is the Founder/Director of Choreographic Institute of North Carolina in Southern Pines, North Carolina which specializes in providing services in movement and well-being. She has been involved in holistic healing and study for more than 20 years and reached a point where she felt an urgency to use her skills to help individuals achieve balance in their personal and spiritual lives.

As a Dancer, Healing Arts Coach,  and Writer Ms. Turner-Forte has devoted her life to maintaining a healthy and well-balanced body, mind, and spirit. Through training and life experiences she is equipped to serve others who wish to transition into self-care, injury prevention, healthier lifestyles, and enjoying life.


Classical Ballet


Body-Mind Integration Techniques

Healing Arts: Reiki

Franciscan Spirituality