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Diana Turner-Forte

Choreographic Institute of North Carolina

Workshops and Classes

Workshop and Classes Schedule for 2023

Silver Swans (c) -Adult Ballet for the 55+ population. A class for the ballet lover and the longing to do ballet  aficionado.  A gentle warm that includes ballet terminology and safe execution steps within the ballet repertoire. A great way to move, breath and meet new friends as well as enjoy classical musical and explore simple dances.

TUESDAY: 3:00-4:00 Ongoing in 5 week sessions.

COST $75.00

Franciscan Spirituality: Embodying the Three Notes: Humility, Love, and Joy

WEDNESDAY: 12:15-1:15  January 5th  -26th and March 8th-29th

An introduction to eco-kinesthesia and understanding the powerful dynamics of body, mind, and spirit., as well as developing skills for personal and spiritual growth through movement, sound, stillness, journaling, and collage.

COST $65.00

Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy: Richard Rohr on the Legacy of St. Francis

WEDNESDAY: 10:30-12:00 April 19th-May 17th

Video and Discussion


The Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Light, and Space

A full body exploration of the elements through improvisational movement, music, and journaling.  Students will further explore the essential elements of life and how humans can fully participate in the cosmic flow. Come prepared to laugh, play and have fun. Limited movement issues this class can be done sitting on a chair.

WEDNESDAY: 12:15-1:15 April 19th- May 17th

COST: $95.00

Selected Prayers of Rainer Maria Rilke (TBD)

Introduction to the Healing Art of Reiki w/Certification (TBD)

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